Weight Watchers eBook by Daniel Alley

Weight Watchers has been around for a very long time now.   The obvious reason it still exists is because for the most part the program works for a majority of those that follow it.   There’s really no need for a sophisticated explanation on why it works;  it works because it follows the basic principles of other diets that  have helped people lose weight — basically, don’t eat a lot of sugar or saturated fats, and stick to eating protein, unsaturated fats, and vegetables.  The biggest difference with the Weight Watchers system is it makes it stupid easy to track that the right stuff gets into your mouth.   On other diets, its pretty much up to you to log your calories, nutrients, and macro-nutrients.  However,  for the typical busy person with a lot on their minds, this could be a recipe for failure.  Weight Watchers on the other hand has implemented an easy to use point system.  There’s a limit every day on how many “points” you can consume. Foods with less nutritional value have have high points, while more nutritious meals have less points.

In Daniel Alley’s Weight Watchers book there is a total of 45 recipes you can try. They are categorized by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.  The recipes are not complex at all, but appealing enough to the dieter.   Scanning them you will find the ones dominated by protein and greens to have low points, and meals with more sugar and saturated fats to have higher points.   With the Weight Watchers plan, you can indulge in just a few of these high point meals, but a higher number of the low point point meals is what’s encouraged.

For those new to Weight Watchers, it may be difficult to manage which and what meals to make.  This book would be of more benefit to the more experienced Weight Watchers dieter who is struggling on how to make homemade meals that they can use with the point system. This book certainly fulfills that need.

Product can be purchased at:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N3T0P1

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