selpHbalance pH Meter

This is an honest review for the selpHbalance pH Meter.  I did receive a discount on the product in return for this honest review.

The packaging of the selpHbalance pH Meter is very nice.  It comes in a plastic box that’s easy to open.  It’s neatly packed with the meter, pH packets, and instructions all inside the container.

The hardest thing about this product is the calibration process. It took me around half an hour to calibrate this meter.  I found the button combinations to be confusing and difficult as well.  For example, when you first calibrate, you need to create the solution for pH 6.86 using the pH packets and then dip the meter into there, then press the calibrate button for a long time, then let go.  To calibrate in the pH 4.00 solution, you press the calibrate button for 3 seconds, let go, then press and depress the calibrate button again.  For pH 9.18 solution, you press the calibrate button for 3 seconds, let go, then press and depress the calibrate button twice.  Sometime my 3 seconds is too fast, and the calibration doesn’t take.  I know there’s limited button on the device, but perhaps it would have been better to have slide switch instead of doing different combinations of presses on one key.

My other complaint is there’s only 2 packets of each calibration pH.  Its not enough if you’re someone that messes up on calibrating a few times, or you have to calibrate again in the future.  And the pH buffer numbers are weird:  6.86,  4.00,  and 9.18??  Where do you get these packets if you need them?  I doubt they’re at your local Walmart.

After calibrating, I tried the ultimate test which was to see if it detected pH of my pool correctly.  I had the pool water analyzed at the pool store using their accurate analyzer device.  So at the pool store, they measured the pH at 7.8.   This device, despite being calibrated and everything, measure my pool water at a pH of 6.3.   Definitely of by more than a pH of 1, and this is not something I can tolerate for checking my pool water.  I need to know how much acid to add, and being in the ball park is not going to cut it.

I have a feeling the meter I received is defective, and here’s why:   a majority of people on Amazon claim that checking the pool with this meter was right on the money.   But there were a few that saw the same thing that I did, that it was way off.   And then, additionally I noticed that on my meter, sometimes it would register a 7.00 number even though I didn’t dip it into anything!  If its out in the open air, it should be registering a 0.00.    So really, to be fair, I need to complain to the seller that I may have a defective meter, get returned, and possibly get a replacement to try again.  So I’ll be nice and give it a 3 out 5 stars for now, but I plan on revising this review once I able to get a second opinion on a another device.


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